Our Stone Process

From the Distributor to Our Shop • From Our Shop to Your Home

Initial Estimate

In order to provide an estimate, we ask for a simple sketch or guesstimate of your countertop space. We encourage customers to use a tape measure for measurements, with precision to the closest half-inch. Submit your measurements with a sketch of your countertop layout in pdf format HERE. We are not asking for perfection on your sketch.

To see a sample sketch, please click HERE.

Once we receive your measurements and sketch, we will provide an estimate of the projected cost and number of stone slabs required for your project.

Stone Selection

There are two options for stone selection: Stone can be selected at our shop by scheduling a visit and browsing through our remnants, or stone can be selected by visiting one of our Stone Distributor locations.

1: Schedule a visit to our shop if you'd like to check out stone remnants. Remnants are NOT "seconds". They have no flaws compared to acquiring stone from a distributor. They are unused, well-maintained stone from previous projects. Choosing to use remnants stone comes at a discounted price compared to stone purchased directly from a distributor.

2: Visit one or more of our stone distributors. See our Stone Distributors page for a list of distributor names, locations, hours of operation and more.

Before going to any of our stone distributor locations, please download the Slab Selection Process. This guide provides tips to make the Slab Selection process run smoothly.

Once your slabs have been put on hold, we will contact you to set up templating for your countertop.

Edge Profile Selection

We offer 15 edge profiles to choose from. To view our standard edges and available upgrades that we offer click HERE.

Sink and Faucet Selection

There are two options for sink and faucet selection:

1: Pick from one of our selections and we will order the products for you. To shop the inventory of our distributors, please visit Cygnet Stainless and Northstar Surfaces on the web.

2: You can purchase the sink and faucet on your own, but it will require an additional fee due to our need to create a template of the sink.


One of our trained specialists will come to your home to template your countertop. We are confident in the precision and accuracy of our hands-on templating approach. Measurements taken by our specialists are then advanced into a Coroplast template and computerized program. The Coroplast strips are structured to your countertop outline, giving special attention to detail. This includes sink selection and location of other appliances. The template is used to provide a visual representation for the next step, the slab layout.

Slab Layout

We offer next day slab layouts following template upon request only. If you have an inconsistent stone and would like to come to our shop for an in-person layout consultation, please email us to set an appointment. We want you to visualize the unique details within your stone selection using the Coroplast template created by our team. We give special attention to the specks, streaking, veining, and seams in each stone. We realize each customer has a different vision in creating an eye-catching countertop. We will work with you to find the best layout giving consideration to the resulting remnant piece.


In order for fabrication to begin, all customers must sign off on the Wallstone Selection Sheet or provide email confirmation that the information we have for your project is correct. This can be done on the day of template or following a slab layout, if a slab layout was necessary.

Once the slab layout is complete, we do next day fabrication. Fabrication occurs in two phases: Cutting and Polishing.

1: During the cutting phase, your slabs are set up on our work stations and overlaid with your project's Coroplast template. The template is used to outline the dimension of your countertop and then removed. Then, one of our trained professionals cuts the slab with a diamond blade. After the slab is cut, it enters our polishing station.

2: The first step at the polishing station is to create the edge profile for your countertops with a profiler. Next, all the edges are polished utilizing a high pressure air-polishing system. This step also utilizes water for additional shine. Slabs are then polished with diamond pads in a 5 to 10 stage process, depending on the material.


Installation occurs 7 to 10 days from template, providing there are no delays, such as missing materials. On the day of install, we send a team of 2 to 3 installers, depending on the size of your job. Installations can be set as morning or afternoon appointments on smaller jobs requiring half-day installation. Full-day installations on larger projects require a morning appointment. Upon arrival to your home, our installers place Butler drop cloths down on the floor before moving stone. We do this to prevent tracking unwanted dirt and potential damage to your flooring. Once countertops are installed, all natural stone countertops are sealed on-site. The exception is quartz countertops per manufacturer recommendation. You are able to use your new countertops immediately.


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